Our step by step plan to boost your campaigns

We bring you up to date with data analytics

Before we start optimizing your data strategy, it’s crucial that you are fully up to date with the importance of data and analytics in today’s digital environment. First we share our knowledge with you and your team in an inspirational workshop about the impact and possibilities of data analytics for your company.

We define a measurement framework for you

Now that you and your team are up to date with data analytics we can determine a clear measurement framework for your future campaigns. We analyze your current campaigns to see where there’s room for improvement. Our goal is to make your company’s data more actionable.

We help your team with the implementation

We measure and optimize your data on a regular basis by means of customized reports and dashboards for your business. We also brief you and your team so you know how to technically implement key marketing tools and analyze and improve your data reports in the future.

How do we optimize your data reporting?

Data Management Platform: showing the right message at the right time

We implement a Data Management Platform that brings together data from different sources in one central environment. For example: online click behavior, CRM data, sales data, data retracted from the receipts in your store, etc. This is extremely interesting for all kinds of remarketing purposes such as site personalization, email activation, personalized banners and even offline billboards with face recognition.

It’s all about showing the right message via the right channel at the right time.

Tag Management System: collecting information about online customer behavior

Tags such as Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, Google Adwords, Hotjar, DoubleClik, ... are indispensable on your website. Thanks to these tags you can collect information about the behavior of your online visitors. Tags also make it possible to, for example, add live chat functionality and show relevant ads.

Can your team use some help with the analysis of your data reports? Our squad will help you out from A to Z.