Learning and Development Festival

This event has passed!


MultiMinds Session at VOV Beurs

VOV (Vereniging voor Opleidings- en Vormingsverantwoordelijken) is organizing their 19th L&D Festival, but for the first time in 'De Nekkerhal' in Mechelen.

It will be an exciting day for every professional involved in Learning & Development. Visitors will find industry experts and peers to discuss future opportunities. There are booths to visit and many presentations to attend. Select wisely! (Read: MultiMinds booth + preso ;-))

Peter Hinssen will kick-off the day, a speaker who knos how to captivate every audience.

For MultiMinds it's a perfect occasion to introduce our Training courses and workshops.

At the MultiMinds Academy you’ll learn...

  • On a business strategic level - what the importance is of a digital strategy and how to embed data analytics in your digital marketing approach

  • On a hands-on level - how to work with essential and advanced data solutions, such as Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Adobe Analytics, Data Management Platforms, Tealium iQ Tag Manger and more.

We offer training modules for beginners, advanced users, business profiles and technical profiles. Drop by our booth to have a chat!

MultiMinds presents an inspiring session (3 pm) titled 'How to install a data driven culture?'

Is your organization working on implementing a digital strategy? Is your organization looking into possibilities to embed marketing and data analytics in the digital strategy? And what are the drivers to speed up the process?

In this presentation we’ll discuss:

  • The basics of the organizational culture and change management

  • An approach on how to drive cultural change as an intrapreneur

  • A very useful framework on how to transform into a data-driven culture

  • Why data analytics is essential for your digital strategy, for innovation and growth

  • A practical Transformation Checklist.

Who should join?

All people who are involved in establishing cultural changes, HR, training managers, change managers, strategic or operations managers, marketing managers, data analysts, data scientists, marketeers, …