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11 Mar 2020 — Author: Jens Buelens

A short introduction to lookalike modeling

The search for new potential customers can be long and exhausting. Where do you start looking and how do you reach new prospects? And how can you target them in a cost-effective way while maximizing your conversion rate? Imagine just collecting data on your most valuable customers and being able ...

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31 Oct 2019 — Author: Lara Vandooren

What does a Digital Analytics Consultant do at MultiMinds?

Lara is a Digital Analytics Consultant at MultiMinds. She found a job thanks to an enthusiastic acquaintance that believed in the future of digital analytics. We let her speak. ...

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07 Oct 2019 — Author: Jens Buelens

4 common mistakes made in dashboard design

Dashboards can be very useful to visualize your data in an effective and clear way. Although good dashboards should be straightforward and easy to interpret, the process of building them isn’t always a piece of cake. Poor design, unclear visualizations and bad understanding of the stakeholder needs are some ...

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24 Sep 2019 — Author: Jens Buelens

How to create actionable dashboards in 7 steps

Dashboarding has become more and more common as organizations look for methods to visualize their data in an effective way and gain useful insights. The power of dashboards lies in their ability to present complex information in a visual format through one single interface. They enable the stakeholders to get ...

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21 May 2019 — Author: Lies De Geyter

8 steps to improve your Digital Analytics strategy

Lots of companies struggle with digital analytics strategy, from data collection to analysis and presentation. We defined the eight most important steps to help you super-charge your digital analytics strategy in a professional way. ...

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