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22 Nov 2018 — Author: Nicolas Lierman
tags: Google, Analytics, API, NODE, Reporting
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How to work with Node.js and the Google Analytics Reporting API

One of the coolest things with Google Analytics is all the different ways you can work with your data, and API's are a big part of that. Google Analytics has many API's; for reporting, account management, metadata, multi-channel funnels, user management, etc. In this post we're going to take an ...

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23 Oct 2018 — Author: Nicolas Lierman
tags: Analytics, DMP, CDP, Cloud, Customer Journey
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Traditional Web Analytics is dying, what’s next?

The ground is shaking and the landscape around you is changing rapidly. If you are a traditional web analyst you should be worried. The proverbial ice caps are melting and it’s time to adapt. While you were setting up conversion goals in your web analytics solution, the complexity and ...

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06 Dec 2016 — Author: Nicolas Lierman
tags: Tag Management, Google, Analytics

Google Analytics and Tag Manager with Ionic and Cordova apps

Recently we did a tracking implementation for a client with an online service that had both a standard website and a mobile iOS app. The app, however, was hybrid app based on the Cordova framework. It’s a technology that allows you to use standard web technologies to develop cross-platform ...

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28 Oct 2016 — Author: Nicolas Lierman
tags: Marketing, Automation, Marketing automation

Mautic review: The future of open source Marketing Automation

If I asked you to name a few marketing automation software brands, chances are you’ll name Hubspot, Marketo, Pardot or Intercom. And while these are all respectable brands with decent products, I predict another brand is going to join that list pretty soon. I’m talking about Mautic, a ...

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04 Aug 2016 — Author: Nicolas Lierman
tags: Analytics, Google, Reporting

Getting started with Google Analytics Reporting API (V4) and Python

Ever wanted to do something with the Google Analytics Reporting API but didn’t really know how to begin? In this article I’ll introduce you on how to get started with Python and the Google Analytics Reporting API V4. You’ll learn how to create a report using the ...

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