We just got back from Adobe Summit London, a conference where digital professionals, mostly Adobe’s clients, from all over the EMEA region gather to share new sparkling bold ideas. This edition of the summit reflected the growth of Adobe: everything got bigger.

The cloud got bigger.

The summit kicked off with the announcement of new features for the Adobe Experience Cloud that will allow brands to better understand their customers and make decisions based on user data. Obviously, the audience was curious about Adobe’s plans with its $6.43 billion Magento and Marketo acquisitions. Both Paul Robson, president of Adobe EMEA as Steve Lucas, SVP Digital Experiences (and former CEO of Marketo), announced some news about integrating these platforms into the Experience Cloud. In many ways Magento helps Adobe close the loop in its marketing story by offering its customers a full spectrum of services that go from analytics, acquisition and publishing to closing the transaction, thanks to Magento. The integration of Marketo will allow Adobe’s customers to further personalize experiences backed by user data in a b2c and b2b context. Steve Lucas calls this b2e (business to everyone).

Adobe also announced the launch of a Customer Data Platform (CDP) . Only, it’s not a platform but an integrated solution combining Adobe Analytics, Adobe Audience Manager and Adobe Experience Platform. The CDP brings together known and anonymous data to activate real-time customer profiles across multiple channels throughout the customer journey. This should make it possible to stitch together the full customer journey and target the right people at the right time.

Other news about Adobe Analytics involved the integration of integrated commerce dashboards from Adobe Commerce Cloud (aka. Magento).

Partnerships got bigger.

The obsession of Adobe to create great personalised customer experiences throughout the entire customer journey made them join force with Software AG. This partnership should transform the way companies deal with Customer Experience Management (CXM). The integration of Adobe’s Experience Platform with Software AG’s webMethods Integration will enable companies to access customer data from across a range of enterprise systems, via one real-time customer profile. This offers a lot of opportunities to improve overall customer satisfaction.

Another partnership which was mentioned a few times is the Open Data Initiative Partnership with Microsoft and SAP. This alliance will tear down existing data siloes in large corporations. Imagine the possibilities when you are able to unite behavioral, transactional and operational data. The Open Data Initiative makes data accessible across an organization. and enables to feed a real-time customer profile within Adobe Experience Platform. Transform raw data into structured information using a single data model ready for AI-driven insight and action through Experience Platform and Experience Cloud.

AI got bigger.

We all know AI is changing the world so it’s no surprise that Adobe’s AI technology is taking over the different clouds. The AI layer is now powering the Experience cloud in many ways. Sensei will help with the personalization, simplify workflows, generate insights, …

Within the Analytics Cloud the Sensei powered feature Journey IQ will give analysts deeper customer insights. Journey IQ will analyze which specific interaction drove to a purchase and use this information to deliver future targeted messages.

The crowd got bigger.

Over 6.000 customers and partners were welcomed at this edition of the summit, exceeding the 5.500 attendees last year. We met a lot of Belgians as well. The Belgian community at Adobe Summit grows year by year. In 2018 approximately 160 attendees came from Belgium. This year around 250 Belgian digital professionals gathered in London for the Adobe Summit.

We were pleased to see some Belgians on stage as well. Belgian digital specialists from KBC, our client Colruyt Group, and Atlas Copco - whether or not accompanied by their consultancy and implementation partners - presented their experiences with Adobe products. We hope to see much more Belgians on stage in the future because this indicates a growth of digital know-how in Belgium.

Our doubts got bigger.

Although we had an exciting time we just didn’t feel as inspired as last year. Maybe we have become more critical or Adobe tried to pack to much information into a two-day conference? We didn’t feel we got the entire story on how exactly all these new features will deliver great experiences.

But at MultiMinds we like to know how things work so we will certainly dig in deeper into new features of Adobe Analytics, Adobe Audience Manager, Adobe Experience Platform and Sensei. Of course, we will share our objective opinion so you will discover the opportunities of new Adobe features as well.