Meet our team

Every day the MultiMinds team supports and optimizes the data reporting of many (inter)national companies. Let’s go back to where it all began!

MultiMinds was created when Siegert’s marketing mind and Philippe’s IT brain met in 2014. They soon decided to become an agile, independent, data partner for both large and small organizations. It is their mission to support teams with the analysis of their data, on a strategic and technical level.

In the last couple of years Siegert and Philippe added lots of different minds to their team. Discover what they have in store for you below!

Founders Siegert and Philippe: When two minds meet

Siegert Dierickx

Co-founder, Managing Partner

As the Co-Founder and Digital Analytics Lead, I am committed to bringing my experience to the team. My goal is to create a great company where people enjoy coming to work, have a chance to grow, as part of the team, and help our clients meet their extra mile.

Philippe Vlaemminck

Co-Founder, Managing Partner

I’m a proud Co-founder of MultiMinds. Solution and result driven, exploring the edges of technology and inspiring others to break their boundaries to reach excellence. Tell me your challenge and I’ll return you a bag of opportunities.

Our digital analytics experts give insights into your data

Niels Verbeeck

Digital Analytics Consultant

As a Digital Analytics Consultant I am empowering our clients to make fact-based decisions, reduce costs, optimize budgets and drive business results. I am doing this through digital reporting, data visualization, integrating data sources and working closely together with the clients.

Lara Vandooren

Digital Analytics Consultant

As a Digital Analyst I will support and amplify the MultiMinds team. The combination of my qualitative studies together with my quantitative data background gives me a broad understanding of marketing. I like to explore new and creative ideas that can help us with meeting our client’s satisfaction.

Peter Vertongen

Omni-Channel Strategy

Almost everything we do today leaves a digital trace. This data is valuable to create great customer experiences but also vulnerable when used without respect for the end user. As a strategic thinker, I advise organizations on how to unlock their full digital potential.

Jens Buelens

Digital Analytics Consultant

As a digital analytics consultant I transform huge amounts of data into valuable insights. By applying my business and marketing skills to our clients data I explore and discover interesting opportunities for them.

Pauline Boelens

Digital Analytics Consultant

As a Digital Analytics Consultant I help our customers to gain insights in their digital data. The mix of my business background with my experience in trendwatching, makes it possible to help them optimise their digital strategy with a keen eye on the future.

Nick Van Hoefs

Digital Analytics Consultant

Being a member of this team, I help you to better understand your client needs and actions. Together we'll tackle the uncertainties that lie ahead and transform them in concrete and simple numbers who will give you insights in your business environment.

Lies De Geyter

Digital Analytics Consultant

As Digital Analytics Consultant I will help businesses with analysing huge amounts of data into actionable insights. My background in Marketing as well as HR and experience in Employer Branding will help to see opportunities that they should focus on in this highly-competitive world.

Our technical squad can manage your entire data stack

Nicolas Lierman

Digital Innovation Architect

A creative programmer with a digital marketing background. I've been building products, designing services and doing general web stuff for over 15 years. I run the innovation track at Multiminds which focuses on emerging technologies like data-drive marketing, AI and machine learning.

Sam Van Renterghem

Technical Solutions Expert

Mostly referred to as “The Technical Guy”, I perform most of the (advanced) tracking implementations. I work closely with my marketing-brained colleagues to ensure that all the data is correct. They also support my cookie addiction, which makes working at MultiMinds a real pleasure!

Geoffrey Pappaert

Technical Solutions Expert

As a web enthusiast I’ll be sharing my knowledge, passion and implementation skills as a second Technical Guy to help Sam in his journey on assisting our marketing colleagues on collecting the much needed data.

Jeroen Callens

Technical Solutions Expert

As a technical solutions expert I help clients implementing digital analytics and configuring tag management systems. And my background in marketing allows me to discover interesting trends and opportunities to give recommendations to optimise digital marketing efforts.

The beating operational heart of MultiMinds

Siegrid Berth

Office Manager

Being the office manager in this great team I do whatever I can to make sure the workplace runs efficiently. I make sure everybody has the tools to shine and to keep going.

Kistof De Graeve

Project Lead

As Project lead I coordinate the talented people working at MultiMinds towards a certain goal. While taking into account budget, timing and quality. My technical background allows me to be a bridge between business and IT.